Investment Process

a. Preliminary screening
  1.  The investment Manager ( Fund Manager) would be  submitting the preliminary information as per format Preliminary application
  2.  Discussion will be held by SIDBI officials with fund managers to assess whether the fund managers satisfies the eligible criteria 
  3. There after request for contribution would be screened initially by Venture Capital Investment Committee.
  4.  The Fund Manager is required to make a detailed presentation on the Fund before the Venture Capital Investment Committee. 
  5. Based on in-principle approval accorded by the Venture Capital Investment Committee, VCF Questionnaire / application would be issued to the Investment / Fund Manager.
  6. Thereafter, detailed due diligence would be undertaken by SIDBI on the Fund / Fund Manager etc. 
b. Sanction of contribution
  1. Due diligence process include analysis of fund manager, management team, fund & AMC structure, investment focus, financial terms, etc.
  2. After the due diligence, the Sub Committee of the Board of SIDBI would sanction contribution.